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  Company: Passion New Energy Manufacture Co., Ltd.
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Passion New Energy Manufacture Co., Ltd. is located in Yancheng city, Jiangsu Province, China. It is a senior enterprise in Chinese industry of solar energy. It is the member enterprise of Special Commission of the Heat Utilization of Solar Energy, the director unit of Chinese nation association of new energy chamber of industry and commerce, the Member Unit of Chinese Solar energy Profession Association, thedirector unit of Chinese Solar energy Heat utilization Specialized Director. It has an occupying area of 40,000 M2. The Company has the fixed asset of USD 2.3 million.

Our responsibility is to produce better and more reliable systems and to make renewable energy products and affordable option and our vision is to deliver State-of-the-Art products to keep a healthy environment. We are confident to build high-tech products and keep you stay on the leading-edge of solar technology.
At present, the Company is trying to set up the whole figure of Ao Chi with the consciousness of struggling for the perfect quality, the idea of scientific and standardized management, the guarantee of credible reputation and the flexible & pragmatic marketing mode. In addition,we'd like to develop the wide co-operation among the world.

KFR-35GW (12000BTU) Solar Air Conditioner
KFR-50LW (18000BTU)Solar Air Conditioner
KFR-70LW (24000BTU)Solar Air Conditioner
KFR-35GW (12000BTU) solar air conditioner
KFR-50GW (18000BTU) Solar air conditioner
A1 type solar air conditioner
A2 type solar air conditioner
A3 type solar air conditioner
C type solar air conditioner
E1 type solar air conditioner
E2 type solar air conditioner
E3 type solar air conditioner
Floor type solar air conditioner
Water Cooler - New Style Environmental Protection Product

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